I don’t think this one needs any introduction. Game Six. Admirals lead the series 3-2. They are one win away from the first playoff series victory in franchise history. This game is going to be great. If for some reason you couldn’t be here tonight, we have you covered with this blog. I hope you guys are excited as I am.

Let’s check the roster!

3) Tyler Lawrence
4) Mark Sobocan
5) Kyle Morand
7) Kyler Carter
8) Ryan Jones
9) Steven Spada
10) Conor Rennie
11) Josh Laframboise
14) Dan Matoski
15) Zach Brown
16) Curtis Prymack
17) Ryan Alexander
18) Blake Rutckyj
19) Brett Beattie
20) Chad Copeland
21) Colin Hamilton
24) Luke Gangnon
27) Jordan Luciw
33) Arren Romeril
1) Klinton Kenney

Let’s go Admirals!


18:50: Admirals on their heels to start this one. Not surprising, you knew Belle River was going to push hard in this must-win game for them.

17:28: Gangnon called for boarding and the Admirals will be on the penalty kill early. That was, as they say, a weak call. The Admirals will be up against it here, as Gangnon is one of the team’s best penalty killers.

16:04: From bad to worse. Rutckyj gets called for slashing. Not a good start.

15:28: First penalty killed off without a problem. Great work to get in the passing lanes.

14:15: 1-0 Canadiens
But they can’t kill off the second one. Crundwell has his first shot blocked but the rebound comes right back to him. He pulls it to the backhand it beats Romeril. Gotta stay out of the box.

13:11: Long falls over himself at his blueline and Spada picks up the puck and wires a shot. Topliffe makes the save and Carter is unable to get to the rebound on the doorstep. Great chance for Amherstburg.

12:21: More pressure from Amherstburg. Brown’s point shot is tipped right out front by Beattie but Topliffe reacts nicely.

11:02: 2-0 Canadiens
A bit of a broken play in the Amherstburg end and they can’t get the puck out. It pops out to Logan Percy all alone in the slot and his backhander goes in behind Romeril.

10:03: All Canadiens right now. Peppering Rommer with shots from everywhere. Admirals need to find a way to slow this game down. It’s getting away from them right now.

7:38: After Beattie slid the puck through the crease and just wide, Crundwell had a bid for his second of the night that Romeril did well to keep out.

6:32: 2-1 Canadiens
A great shift from the Spada-Carter-Laframboise line leads to Spada jumping on the rebound in the slot and beating Topliffe with a quick shot. They did well to keep the Canadiens pinned deep in their zone and capitalized on a turnover. Just what the Admirals needed.

4:54: Another turnover by the Belle River defence and it leads to a two-on-one. Britton does well to take away the passing lane and Topliffe turns away Rutckyj’s shot.

4:34: Another save on a tipped point shot by Topliffe. His reaction speed is very impressive.

0:15: Great shift by Ryan Jones. Three or four solid hits and a few clean breakout passes as well. Very good defensive work.


16:41: What a start to this period. Back and forth action. Good chances for both teams. This game has been a lot more wide open than I expected it to be.

15:33: Gagnon didn’t appreciate being hooked and gave a few guys a couple whacks. No calls on any of it. Let em play. Fine by me. This is the playoffs, there’s bound to be some animosity.

14:13: A great chance for an odd-man rush for the Admirals but Hamilton was a hair offside. Beattie is getting a game misconduct for shooting the puck at the net after the whistle. Didn’t know that was a game misconduct offense. Weird.

12:31: Belle River gets called for too many men and the Admirals will have their first power play of the evening. Excellent chance to tie this one up.

12:11: Great chance right off the bat for the power play but Topliffe keeps it out.

9:58: Great behind the back pass from Alexander behind the net to Luciw, but they can’t beat Topliffe. Shot came from a sharp angle but almost caught him moving the wrong way.

9:32: 3-1 Canadiens
Off the draw the Canadiens throw the puck on net. Romeril has difficulty controlling it and the rebound comes out to Larocque at the top of the crease. No chance for Romeril on the rebound. That’s a tough goal to swallow.

9:09: Gangnon off for high-sticking. Tough to bounce back after a goal when you have to play shorthanded.

6:44: Now it’s the Admirals turn with the man-advantage. Gagnon takes out Gangnon’s legs (haha). Two for tripping.

5:28: 4-1 Canadiens
Prymack’s point shot gets blocked by Carroll and it leads to a breakaway. He fakes Romeril to the forehand and then beats him with the backhand. Admirals need to find a way to get some momentum back. Someway, somehow.

2:19: Spada causing havoc again in the offensive zone. Forces a turnover and nearly beats Topliffe from a sharp angle.


16:26: All kinds of pressure from the Admirals to start this third. Still too fancy though. Just gotta get the puck on net. Down three, no shot is a bad shot.

14:35: Canadiens doing a great job keeping everything to the outside. Doing everything they can to get offensive pressure, it’s just been hard to crack this Belle River defence tonight.

13:22: No screens on any of the Admirals shots. Making it way too easy for Topliffe. If he can see it he’s probably going to stop it.

13:01: Morand gets called for high-sticking. He doesn’t like it. Neither do the rest of the Admirals.

11:01: Penalty killed. Time to go back on the offensive. Need a goal. Soon.

7:30: Admirals starting to get frustrated. A little rough stuff after whistle. Kanally initiates and he’ll get two for holding. Scoring on this power play just might get the ball rolling for Amherstburg. One goal at a time.

7:11: Great puck movement and Rutckyj one-times a Jones pass. Somehow Topliffe keeps it out.

5:30: Admirals unable to convert on the power play, despite a number of good chances.

3:28: Hamilton says a little too much and receives a ten minute misconduct.

3:18: Right off the draw Spada rings one off the iron. So close.

2:40: More rough stuff after the whistle. The hate these teams have for each other gets worse with each game. Offsetting minors to Morand and Kanally.

2:32: Carter off for head check. Two and a ten.

0:38: Crundwell gets called for cross-checking. I doubt it matters at this point.

Well that’ll do it from the Libro Centre. Admirals lose a tough one. Come out to Belle River Friday night to support your Admirals in an exciting Game Seven matchup!






AMH 8 – 12 – 13 = 33
BR 16 – 6 – 6 = 28

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