Tonight I bring you live coverage of Game Four between the Amherstburg Admirals and the Belle River Canadiens. It’s been a back and forth series so far, with the teams splitting the first two games in Belle River with both games ending in overtime thanks to goals by Mike Ditty and Dan Matoski.

Once again it will be Arren Romeril in between the pipes for Amherstburg and Mitch Topliffe for the Canadiens. Branden Larocque has been Belle River’s most dangerous player with four points in three games, while Mark Sobocan has been the best Admirals, also with four points in the series.

The series had been really even until the Canadiens dominated last game on their way to a 5-1 victory. Let’s hope the roles are reversed tonight. The intensity has been high, and the physicality higher. It would be tough to come back down 3-1 in the series. Gotta win tonight.

Let’s check tonight’s roster!

2) Cody Leeming
3) Tyler Lawrence
4) Mark Sobocan
5) Kyle Morand
7) Kyler Carter
8) Ryan Jones
9) Steven Spada
10) Conor Rennie
14) Dan Matoski
15) Zach Brown
16) Curtis Prymack
17) Ryan Alexander
18) Blake Rutckyj
19) Brett Beattie
20) Chad Copeland
21) Colin Hamilton
24) Luke Gangnon
27) Jordan Luciw
33) Arren Romeril
1) Klinton Kenney

Let’s go Admirals!


19:39: Sobocan goes a little overboard with his hit on Bedard and he gets nailed for a cross-checking penalty. Admirals shorthanded early.

18:40: More penalties handed out. Rutckyj hauls down Ditty and he retaliates. They’ll both get offsetting minors.

17:12: We’re on pace for a million penalties tonight. Spada and Britton both get called for infractions. Britton for boarding and Spada for head check. So Spada gets an extra ten minute misconduct. That’s an awful call. Just awful.

14:49: Gangnon finally gets the first shot of the game. It took a little more than five minutes. Can you say tight-checking?

14:19: Some good pressure by Amherstburg. Carter gets a shot off and Alexander nearly tucks the rebound home, but Topliffe comes up big.

11:59: Great work down low by Matoski-Sobocan-Rutckyj. This line has been tremendous so far these playoffs.

11:21: A couple of good saves by Romeril, and he did well to swallow up the rebounds. It looks like he’s settling into a groove early on.

11:04: The Admirals will get their first chance on the power play. Bedard off for cross-checking.

9:37: The point shot from Prymack goes just wide and Matoski unsuccessfully tries to bounce it off Topliffe and in. Good pressure from the power play.

7:14: A wild sequence causes the Belle River defenceman to jump on the puck in the crease and cover it with his hand. Penalty shot Amherstburg! Matoski will take it… He gets Topliffe to bite but his shot goes wide.

4:25: Spada gets a little too excited and gets called for charging. Admirals will be shorthanded.

3:31: Gangnon doing a good job pinning the puck down low and killing time off the penalty. Great work.

2:29: Beattie gets called for tripping after the Belle River player fell down… on his own. Yup.

0:39: A miscue by Topliffe and Gangnon picks up the loose puck. He gets tripped up on his way to the net. Four-on-four and then the Admirals will have a power play.


18:52: A couple of early chances for the Admirals power play, but Topliffe stands tall as he’s done all series.

17:44: A great rush by Copeland and he cuts in front and gets a nice shot off, but Topliffe stops it. Gangnon is there for the rebound but Topliffe stops that one too.

16:54: Some good movement eventually leads to a chance for Spada but his shot is gloved by Topliffe. All Admirals this period, just can’t beat Topliffe.

16:04: Beattie and Carter with a nice give-and-go but Carter loses the handle at the last second. What a chance that was.

13:17: Britton lays out to try and block the cross-crease passé but nearly directs it into his own net. The way this is going, it’s going to take a lucky bounce like that to finally beat Topliffe.

11:34: Gagnon and Gangnon (haha) come together and they’ll get matching minors. Maybe they were arguing about the proper way to spell their last name. Or who wears the number 24 better.

9:58: How come when our player falls it’s not a tripping penalty?

9:51: Instead Rutckyj gets called for cross-checking. Ugh.

7:21: The Canadiens get a two-on-one but Larocque’s pass is too far for Crundwell. Admirals dodged a bullet there.

5:10: Prymack drops for Rutckyj who gives it back to Prymack but Topliffe is able to smother it before he can get a shot off.

4:13: Gagnon rushes the puck end-to-end for Belle River but Romeril is there to make the save. This Gagnon kid has some wheels. Hard to believe he’s only 16.

3:22: Another big save by Romeril, not to be outdone by Topliffe. This time on Laforest.

0:03: 1-0 Admirals
Copeland is the first Admiral to finally beat Topliffe tonight. After being pinned in their own end most of the shift, Gangnon and Copeland break out on a two-on-one and Copeland finishes off the great pass from Gangnon. Huge goal.


18:38: Admirals on their heels a bit to start this period. Still gotta push back. One goal might not be enough to win this one.

17:31: Romeril with a big side-to-side save. It seems like he has one of them every game. His lateral movement is so impressive. Amherstburg calls timeout before this period gets out of hand. Belle River pressing hard.

16:25: The Admirals try for the home run pass but it just misses Spada. He would’ve been in alone.

15:23: Laforest wraps up Rutckyj and he gets called for holding. Admirals get another shot on the power play.

14:32: The point shot from Morand goes off Copeland and the Belle River defenceman and nearly trickles into the net. Topliffe jumps on it just in time.

14:26: 2-0 Admirals
Right off the faceoff the Admirals throw it on net and Beattie jumps on the rebound. He’s able to chip it up over Topliffe before the defender can close in on him. The Admirals power play stays hot.

13:25: They’ll need the penalty kill to stay hot too as Hamilton gets called for high-sticking.

10:58: Sobocan and Gangnon just miss connecting on a cross-crease pass. Gangnon had a wide open net if he would’ve been able to get to the pass.

10:01: 3-0 Admirals
This time the two-on-one does connect. Matoski redirects Rutckyj’s pass past Topliffe. What a period for Amherstburg. They’ve come out and completely nullified Belle River’s comeback efforts.

8:12: 4-0 Admirals
They just can’t stop it. The excact same play as the last goal. Beattie feeds Luciw cutting up the middle in the slot. Topliffe’s night is done. He’s replaced by Colin Tetroult.

8:02: Some more rough stuff after the whistle and Beattie goes off for roughing.

Can this series be any more even? 3-2 in overtime, 3-2 in overtime, they blow us out, we’re blowing them out. Crazy.

6:29: A breakaway chance for Copeland. Looked like he was hooked to me. Apparently not. Tetroult makes the save regardless.

5:19: Sobocan and Turner come together. More matching minors. You get a matching minor, you get a matching minor, matching minors for everybody tonight!

4:21: Alexander and Corp get, wouldn’t you know it, matching minors. Oh, sorry, my bad. Matching MISCONDUCTS this time. That’s new.

3:19: Admirals score again but it’s ruled that the net came off before the puck went in. Looked like the right call.

1:47: Spada gets his elbow up on Turner and he’ll sit for two or less.

Admirals win and even this series up! A big effort by the whole team and Romeril gets his first shutout of the playoffs! Through four games, the series is dead even. The goal differential is the same for both teams. Crazy. This is a good one. Thanks for reading folks!






AMH 11 -10 – 13 = 34
BR 10 – 10 – 7 = 27

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