Welcome to the Amherstburg Admirals’ first ever home playoff game. After splitting the first two games in Belle River, the Admirals will look to take the series lead for the first time.

Both of the first two games needed overtime to find a winner. Mike Ditty got the winner for the Belle River Canadiens in game one, while Dan Matoski got the winner for the Admirals last game, with a beautiful effort as he was falling to the ice.

Mark Sobocan leads the way offensively for the Admirals with a goal and an assist, while Mike Ditty and Branden Larocque each lead the Canadiens with three points apiece. Arren Romeril has been a brick wall in net for the Admirals, posting a 2.29 GAA and a .932 save percentage. Mitch Topliffe has been just as good and has posted the exact same numbers as Romeril. Rommer has made 68 saves in the series, Topliffe has made 69. Goes to show how close this series has been.

Enough chatter, let’s get this game started! Here’s the roster!

2) Cody Leeming
3) Tyler Lawrence
4) Mark Sobocan
5) Kyle Morand
7) Kyler Carter
8) Ryan Jones
9) Steven Spada
10) Conor Rennie
11) Josh Laframboise
14) Dan Matoski
16) Curtis Prymack
17) Ryan Alexander
18) Blake Rutckyj
19) Brett Beattie
20) Chad Copeland
21) Colin Hamilton
24) Luke Gangnon
27) Jordan Luciw
33) Arren Romeril
1) Klinton Kenney

Let’s go Admirals!


18:46: Beattie and Laframboise move in on a two-on-one, but Logan Percy does well to break up the play. First good chance of the game for either team.

17:30: Romeril slides across to make a big pad stop on a two-on-one the other way.

14:52: Canadiens call-up Tovoleiri gets a really good chance in tight, but Romeril makes another huge pad save. Play has really opened up compared to last game.

11:52: 1-0 Canadiens
After some sustained pressure by Belle River, Gagnon’s point shot gets tipped by Crop in the slot and gets by Romeril. No chance for Rommer on that one. Not the start the Admirals were looking for.

9:54: Here we go, the Admirals will get a great opportunity to tie this one back up as Tovoleiri gets his stick up in Beattie’s face. It draws blood and it will be a double minor. First power play chance for Amherstburg.

8:49: Power play doesn’t last long. Prymack gets called for slashing.

8:13: Admirals controlling the play four-on-four, and Lawrence gets a great chance in the slot, but Topliffe keeps it out.

8:12: Another chance for Amherstburg. This time it’s Ruckyj and Sobocan connecting, but Sobocan’s shot is stopped.

6:14: Rutckyj fights through the check in the slot and his shot trickles through Topliffe but the puck hits the post. That was close.

2:14: 2-0 Canadiens
Crundwell is left all alone out front and Carroll finds him with a good pass. Another one that Romeril has no chance on. Some sloppy d-zone coverage.

0:20: Another odd man rush for the Canadiens. Admirals have allowed too many of those this period.


18:50: Sobocan finds himself all alone in the slot but his slap shot is turned away by Topliffe. Matoski gets to the rebound first but can’t beat Topliffe between the legs. What a chance that was.

18:44: The sequence ends with a Belle River penalty. Bedard for unsportsmanlike conduct. Huge opportunity to chip away at this lead.

16:03: Numerous chances on the power play, but it looks like it’s going to be really tough to beat Topliffe tonight. Not a good sign.

12:32: Intensity and physicality picking up a bit here. These two teams don’t like each other at all.

11:20: Britton is going off for interference. One again, the Admirals will get an opportunity on the power play.

10:15: 2-1 Canadiens
Rutckyj finishes off a beautiful tick-tac-toe play to bring the Admirals within one. Sobocan to Lawrence to Rutckyj to Sobocan to Rutckyj. It was hard to keep up with all those passes. The Matosk-Sobocan-Rutckyj connection has been something else the last few games.

9:06: Long runs over Romeril as he comes out to play the puck. Morand takes exceptions and takes him out. Offsetting penalties but Morand gets an extra ten minute misconduct for head-checking. What was that I said earlier about these teams not liking each other?

7:23: Ditty gets absolutely robbed in the slot by Romeril. He’s doing everything he can to keep the Admirals in this one.

6:44: Right off the draw Bedard hauls down Rutckyj and will get two minutes for tripping.

5:37: Another golden opportunity for Canadiens captain Mike Ditty. It sails on him and goes over the glass though.

1:28: 3-1 Canadiens
Another defensive breakdown leads to Kanally wide open on the wing and he blows the wrist shot by Romeril to restore the two goal lead. He has been all over the ice this afternoon and you kinda got the feeling it was only a matter of time before he scored. The Admirals desperately need a good bounce back shift.


17:39: You can tell Belle River is going to try and shut it down in this third period. Not allowing an inch once the Admirals gain the zone.

17:09: The Admirals are now going to be shorthanded as they get called for too many men. Can’t afford to give up a goal here.

15:09: Penalty killed without any real good scoring chances allowed. Exactly what the Admirals needed. Time to go back on the offensive and ship away at this lead.

13:52: 4-1 Canadiens
Bad pinch by the Admirals defence and Goodchild slides it over to Bedard on the two-on-one. Bedards quick shot beats Romeril over the glove. Amherstburg can’t let up, need to keep pushing back.

11:28: 5-1 Canadiens
Trevor Sparks throws the puck towards the net and it hits something out front and goes by Romeril. It’s been that kind of night. Rommer is replaced by Klinton Kenney.

10:21: Rutckyj gets a chance to reduce the Belle River lead but his shot goes just wide.

9:32: Rutckyj with another chance as Matoski feeds him in the slot. Topliffe robs him with a glove save.

6:23: Another good chance for the Admirals as Morand walks in and let’s one rip. It catches the iron and bounces to the corner. One of those nights…

3:42: Laframboise tips Spada’s point shot and it goes in. Unfortunately, Laframboise’s stick was 17 feet above his head. No goal.

1:36: Prymack gets called for tripping. Admirals will finish this game shorthanded barring any future infractions.






AMH 8 – 8 – 5 = 21
BR 10 – 13 – 13 = 36

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